A node.js powered Content Management System that has built-in admin dashboard.

It can be installed as SPA (Single Page Application), or as server side rendered templates (EJS) applications, or simply as Headless CMS for your REST APIs.

Taboo CMS was built keeping modular architecture in mind, which means you can easily add or remove self sustained modules.

For Clients

We can setup and host it for you - contact us.

For Developers

You can try it out by installing from npm - @taboo/cms.

Admin Dashboard

It has a built in admin dashboard with the management for content and users. Dashboard is powered by React.js.It provides CLI commands to easily setup a new module and plug it to the admin dashboard and application front end.

React App

It can be installed as a Single Page Application. It bootstraps React framework by default, but you could easily bootstrap any other client side framework, such as Angular.js or Vue.js.

Classic App

It can be installed as a classical website, where it renders templates server side and loads Bootstrap with jQuery.

Headless CMS

It can be installed as Headless CMS, to provide an API and content management for powering your client side applications.


Admin dashboard is responsive - so you could easily manage your content from your smartphone. All of the bootstrapped themes during the installation are responsive as well.


Each installation type has a built-in responsive client side theme. Contact us if you wish to get more themes. We are currently working on the marketplace for the themes.

Open Source

We made it open source to make sure everyone could contribute and benefit from it.


CMS was built with modular architecture in mind, so that each module could be easily added or removed to help everyone contribute with many new modules to come.

Access Control

CMS implements Roles and Access Control Resources logic, so that each resource or endpoint access could be easily managed via User Roles.